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Two-Way Conversations Between HR & School Leaders


About the Workshop

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) and Washington School Personnel Association (WSPA) bring you a brand-new workshop series called Two-Way Conversations Between HR and School Leaders. The series will feature dynamic human resource director and school leader teams sharing best practices on everything from hiring and interviewing tips to how to understand MOUs and CBAs. The series features five sessions between January and May. See below for details.


School leaders (principals, assistant principals, administrative interns, deans, counselors) and Human Resource personnel. 


$125 for AWSP or WSPA members
$250 for non-members


3:00 - 4:00 p.m. (for all sessions)

Workshop Details

Session One | January 20

Reading an MOU/CBA

  • Understanding and following CBAs and MOUs.
  • Identifying key components of CBAs and MOUs.

Session Two | February 17

Teacher Evaluations

  • Legal ramifications around evaluation timelines. 
  • Developing and monitoring Plans of Improvement.

Session Three | March 17

Best Interviewing Practices - Screening Applicants

  • Tips, tools and take-aways for how to effectively screen applicants.
  • Best practices for the entire interview process. 
  • Engaging students as assessment partners.

Session Four | April 21

Public Record Requests, Affirmative Action, FERPA

  • Is there anything 'off limits' for a public records request?
  • How to understand and be proactive with Affirmative Action and FERPA.

Session Five | May 19

The Importance of Communicating Building Needs to HR

  • How to advocate for your staff, students and your building needs.
  • What does your HR department need from you to make sure your building has what it needs?

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