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Turn Up The Volume! On Student Voice 


About the Workshop

The principal leadership journey typically starts with what we call the Principal Action Paradigm: tactfully and intentionally leading Culture, Systems, and Learning. A new principal begins by tackling the school’s climate and culture. While culture work is never-ending, it’s where principals in their first few years should typically invest the majority of their energy. As they masterfully create a common vision, purpose and culture, school leaders also begin pushing on some of the systems and learning that have been in place - in some cases - for decades. 

Where does student voice fit into the paradigm? Everywhere! Join AWSL and AWSP for this four-part virtual series that will help you turn up the volume on student voice in your school as you bring culture, systems, and learning together in the spirit of what’s best for kids.


School leaders (principals, assistant principals, administrative interns, deans, counselors). 


$100 for AWSP members
$200 for non-members


7:45 - 9:00 a.m. (for all sessions)

Workshop Details

Session One: Culture | February 23

Let's talk about it!
Opportunity and Access in our schools

  • The AWSL Student Equity cohort will bring student voice on opportunity and access topics and issues through a J.E.D.I (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) lens.

Session Two: Systems | February 25 

Breaking through stigmas! Student mental health and supporting low-income schools and communities

  • The AWSL Student Voice and Advisory Council discusses student mental health and how we can break through stigmas around our low-income schools and communities.

Session Three: Learning | March 2

All students can lead!

  • The AWSL Student Voice and Advisory Council will speak to the power of student voice, and how we can redefine and expand the role of 'leader' in our schools.

Session Four: Ask Students Anything | March 4

AWSL Student Voice & Advisory Council

  • What questions do you have for students? Be ready to ask students anything! Get insight, perspective, and wisdom from our student voice members.

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