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Washington Principal is the official print publication of AWSP. This award-winning, quarterly magazine features articles written by practicing principals, district communicators and other school administrators.

Articles focus on what’s happening now in K-12 education in Washington state, giving you access to resources you can’t find anywhere else.

Volume 1: 2019-20 | Principals of the Year

Courageous, persevering, inclusive—these are all qualities of an outstanding leader, and all qualities of this year’s three Washington State Principals of the Year. From diversity issues to culture creation to equity and access, the three principals chosen this year have beaten the odds to get where they are today, and continue to advocate daily for the students they serve.

You'll also find articles around the themes of Stronger Together, Relationships Before Change, and Personal Wellness.

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David Morrill, Communications Director

We know how busy you are. Our 2018 survey revealed 72 percent of principals work 56 hours per week or more. Ninety-one percent of you don’t feel like you can get your work done in an average work
week. We think that number is way too high, and we’ve made it our mission to discover more and new ways to support you and your colleagues in the critical work you do. That's also why we take the celebration of Principals Month in October so seriously.

From the AWSP President


Over the course of my career, I have been a teacher, coach, mentee, mentor, assistant principal, and principal. And my views of education and how I see myself in education have changed. Some of the change is directly related to the people I have worked with and the places I have been during the journey. One thing stands clear during the last 22 years: The “Power of Positive” has always been a driving force in who I am and the leader I want to be.

From the Exec Director

We can all look back on our lives and name our favorite teacher, coach or principal. And, we can go even deeper and describe what made that person so special, so unique, and so impactful. You’ve heard my clear bias towards the impact of incredible principals, but I owe the reason I entered into the field of education to a teacher…who was really cool — Señor Kuhl, to be exact.

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