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  • AWSP News for April 10, 2020

    David Morrill
    Apr 10, 2020
    In this edition of AWSP News, we discuss your amazing leadership during these unprecedented times, better work-life balance and selfcare, the Governor’s school closure announcement, information, resources, tools, and ongoing professional learning, our Weekly Friday Zoom AWSP Office Hours, separate office hours next week for grade-level specific virtual convenings, some upcoming online learning sessions from Inclusionary Practice Demonstration Sites from around the state, emergency rules that allow school districts to apply for greater flexibility in awarding diplomas to seniors impacted by closures, a Virtual Commencement Toolkit for every high school in our state, a 60 second survey, an upcoming webinar, and National Assistant Principals Week.
  • Register for the Inclusionary Practices Demonstration Sites

    Nasue Nishida | Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession
    Apr 10, 2020
    The University of Washington Haring Center is hosting online learning sessions with four school sites the week of April 20 to showcase the inclusionary practices these schools are implementing.
  • The Show Will Go On!

    Scott Seaman
    Apr 09, 2020
    We know there have been way more questions than answers as the entire P-16 education system has moved into this new reality of distance learning. And now that we’ve officially heard from our Governor that schools will remain closed through the end of the year, even more questions are surfacing. So, what about the Class of 2020? What about all of those year-end events for seniors to celebrate the end of their K-12 experience? What about the graduation ceremony itself...the cap, gown, and tassel toss?
  • Flexibility for Graduating Seniors Approved by State Board

    David Morrill
    Apr 09, 2020
    At a special Board Meeting today, the State Board of Education adopted emergency rules that allow school districts to apply for greater flexibility in awarding a diploma to high school seniors impacted by closures.
  • Q&A: How Washington State Is Watching Out For Child Welfare During Coronavirus Pandemic

    David Morrill
    Apr 09, 2020
    The Seattle Times had a nice Q&A with Ross Hunter, Secretary of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF). Even the best of times, managing the child welfare system is a difficult and complicated job. Learn more about how DCYF is operating and investigating during this period of social distancing.
  • WEBINAR: Supporting School-Based Child Care Service During the COVID Shutdown

    Xenia Doualle
    Apr 07, 2020
    Schools have been directed to support child care service for certain families in need. This new responsibility is nuanced, complicated and has pushed systems into very new territory. AWSP has assembled an expert panel of state, regional, district and community partners with the intent to provide guidance, resources and advice.
  • Retirement and Health Benefits 2020 Session Summary

    Fred Yancey & Mike Moran | The Nexus Group
    Apr 06, 2020
    Pensions, Health Care, SEBB, PEBB, Other… The legislative session has concluded, the Governor has acted, and now as the show goes on, districts have to adjust.
  • AWSP News for April 3, 2020

    David Morrill
    Apr 03, 2020
    In this special edition of AWSP News, we discuss our daily updated website, our weekly Zoom Office Hours for open discussion, Q & A, virtual hugs and principal therapy, National Assistant Principals Week, a Zoom meeting about high school graduation, a webinar on child care, maintaining equitable systems for student-learning during the COVID shut down, and updates to the 2020 Resources page on the AWSL website.
  • OSPI, Local Television Stations Partner to Offer Educational Programming

    David Morrill
    Apr 03, 2020
    OSPI is partnering with the public televisions across our state. Beginning this week, your local public television station is offering educational programming for students in grades 6 – 12 from 9:00am – 2:00pm daily.
  • Helping Bridge The Digital Divide

    Roz Thompson
    Apr 02, 2020
    With the closure of our brick and mortar school buildings due to the coronavirus, access to the internet is becoming a necessity for all students. However, statistics at the Federal Communications Commission suggest that one in three households has no broadband access. As this article from The Verge states, “living with the coronavirus is going to reveal hard truths about the digital divide.” State and federal efforts are underway to change this.

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