Washington Digital TeachKit Helps Educators Using Digital Tools for Remote and Hybrid Learning

Washington Library Association
Jan 26, 2021
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When using educational technology, do you choose the Bunny Hill or Black Diamond?

With remote and hybrid learning, the answer is often BOTH!

The new Washington Digital TeachKit offers educators over 20 guides to using educational technology tools ranging from Audacity to Zoom, curated by Washington State teacher librarians. With links to training resources, user communities, and lesson plans, this new professional learning guide is designed to meet Washington educators where they are -- providing both basic and advanced resources to help educators use the right tools to help learners whether they are learning from home or the classroom.

Tool pages focus on widely-used digital learning tools and services in Washington State including guidance and resources for student engagement, management, and instructional design.

Guide pages allow educators to explore different families of digital learning tools and services to help them match the instructional need to the educational technology solution. Additional resources help educators understand planning in the pandemic, social and emotional learning, educational technology standards, and more. 

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