School Celebration Newsletter | January Edition

Cindy Cromwell, Alternative Learning Education Administrator for the Kelso School District
Jan 04, 2021


Happy 2021 

This past year is one that provided me a variety of opportunities to learn, grow and become a better person and principal. As we turn the page on 2020 I want to encourage you to reflect on the positive memories of the year. It is important to honor the incredible work you have done to support your staff, students, and families you serve through this unforgettable school year. Even when exhausted you continue to inspire and motivate your staff. If no one has told you lately I want you to know you are doing a phenomenal job. I hope you find this month's newsletter full of simple ideas to help bring laughter and joy to your work. Feel free to reach out to me if I can do anything to support your work or be a sounding board as you maneuver through these unchartered waters. Cheers to 2021 and this fantastic world of principaling.

January Days of Celebration 

Jan 4 - National Spaghetti Day (It's what is for dinner).

Jan 4 - National Trivia Day- game time for everyone--think kahoot or random email trivia.

Jan 5 - National Bird Day-Is your school mascot a bird? You could really do so many fun things with this one.

Jan 5 - National Whipped Cream Day - Bring in the desserts for an afternoon snack that you could add whip cream to. (Ice cream, cookies, angel food cake, shakes, floats and fruit) Deliver via room services to your staff for an added bonus.

Jan 7 - National Bobble Head Day - Use one of many free apps available to turn your staff into bobble heads.

Jan 8- National Bubble Bath Day - No baths at school but you could have a blast with bubbles. Bubble machines or bubbles to greet students and staff or have a recess time bubble party. (I am having visions of Laurence Welk in my head--yes I am that old).

Jan 11- National Clean Your Desk Day - This would be appreciated by so many families and custodians especially.

Jan 13 - National Rubber Ducky Day - Purchase a variety of rubber duckies and place a number on the bottom of each. The number will correlate to a gift box full of simple and inexpensive prizes.

Jan 13 - National Sticker Day - Put positive stickers around the school.

Jan 14 - National Dress Up Your Pet Day - Ask staff to share pictures of their pet with bonus points if the animal is dressed up.

Jan 15 - National Bagel Day - Ask your PTO to provide breakfast for staff with the main item being a bagel with a selection of all of the various toppings.

Jan 15 - Is also National Hat Day-- Students and staff wear their favorite head covering today.

Jan 19 - National Popcorn Day--A pack of microwave popcorn to help staff "positively popping into 2021." Or a buffet for a movie night at home with family include popcorn and candy to help staff balance work and family tonight.

Jan 20 - National DJ Day-Play music throughout today in celebration. I love my Jammy Pack (see picture above) Music lifts everyone's spirit. Shout out to Allyson Apsey who introduced me to the pack! It is a game changer people.

Jan 21 - National Squirrel Appreciation Day - Trail mix with nuts for all or hide paper squirrels all over campus and ask staff to list the many places they see them. Winners can be entered into a drawing for each one they locate.

Jan 24 - National Compliment Day - Provide staff members with a notecard to write a compliment on for co-worker or school volunteer. Connect with families by also sending out appreciations post-cards for their never ending support of the school (Don't forget your PTO).

Jan 25 - National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - Oh my, this should be so much fun!! Wrap a special treat in bubble wrap for staff. Or create a stress relief kit with bubble wrap and a few other items (ibuprofen, gift card for class coverage/recess duty, stress balls, breathe mints, etc).

Jan 27 - National Chocolate Cake Day - This is an easy one- go to the local bakery and pick one up.

Jan 28 - National Kazoo Day - Visit Amazon, Oriental Trade, or a local party store and easily pick up a few of these to celebrate. Morning announcements with a kazoo introduction will be unforgettable.

Jan 28 - National Lego Day-Ask your students to share their lego creations and share them via your school social media account. 

Jan 29 - National Puzzle Day - Place a few puzzles in your staff room for staff to work on during lunch or breaks or provide a cookie that is in the shape of a puzzle with a note "You are a part of the puzzle that keeps our school striving for excellence."

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