Outside Is In: Grow Outside

Chase Buffington | Cispus Learning Center Director
Oct 09, 2020


Picture it: The buses roll into the learning center and kids begin to pile out of the buses with luggage in hand. Surrounded by trees and fresh air, each student knows they are about to take on the outdoors. They're in a place where no one has an advantage, only a fresh start to explore what everyone has to offer. Accelerated learning is about to take place. The classroom is not dictated by the bell, but rather meals, trail hikes, hands-on insect gathering, water exploration, stinky socks, newfound friendship, stories whispered at night when you should be asleep, and so much more. It is often looked at as a right of passage or a coming of age. What is really taking place? A stronger connection, a resilient understanding of oneself, and a bigger leap into social emotional learning that cannot happen in a normal classroom setting. This is the magic of AWSP's learning centers, and the reason why outdoor learning is so crucial. To book a focused accelerated learning opportunity in the outdoors visit www.cispus.org. 

For a broader understanding and resource, check out the Grow Outside website. 

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