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Xenia Doualle

photo of Xenia

Digital Content Creator

Xenia joined AWSP in March 2019. A documentary filmmaker by trade, Xenia worked all over Europe before starting a successful wedding videography business here in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Video production lead.
  • Web and social media.
  • Communications support.

About Xenia

Xenia began her journey as a videographer in 2010, working freelance for law firms in Paris, France. Her first documentary was commissionned by the Paris Bar Association. Since then, she has filmed in India and Italy, where she lived in a 1,000 year old castle. She moved to Washington in 2016 to live closer to her family.

In addition to English, Xenia speaks French, Italian, and some Russian. She loves to travel, especially road trips. Xenia and her cats Valentine and Roxie live peaceful days in Olympia and if she only had one wish, it would be to helicopter her favorite farmers market from Autun, France to where she lives. Also, world peace.

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